Sunshine and Guinea Pigs at the Ninth Annual Boston Spring Pignic

Ninth Annual Boston Spring Pignic

Last Sunday, June 10th, was the Ninth Annual Boston Spring Pignic in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The guinea pigs in attendance had a beautiful day on the Town Hall Lawn, also called “The Bowl.” Tammy Raabe Rao of Cavymadness, who organized the event, gave Guinea Pig Today the inside scoop on what was going on. Tammy tells […]

The Success of Boston’s Cavy Cabaret

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On Saturday, December 10th, guinea pig enthusiasts in the Boston area were treated to the first Cavy Cabaret. This indoor pignic style event was organized by Tammy Raabe Rao of CavyMadness fame. Rao tells Guinea Pig Today, “This is new territory for CavyMadness; while Pignics take a little planning, they are a bit of a […]

Guinea Pigs Pignic Inside At Boston’s Cavy Cabaret

papua bells

We’re very excited to be launching the first Cavy Cabaret in the Boston area on Saturday, December 10th of this year. This has been something many years in the making. I attended my first Pignic the same year I began CavyMadness – in 1999. Back then, the New England Pignic was held in Western Massachusetts, […]

Toys, Treats and Other Fun Things

Since so many commercially available toys and treats aren’t appropriate for guinea pigs, what are good options to enrich their lives?  Fortunately there are many things you can give your pigs that are (relatively) safe – and many are items you probably already have around the house.  Your pigs will love their new things and […]

Pignics on the Park Socialize Guinea Pigs and Owners


On the Wellesley Town Hall lawn in Wellesley, Massachusetts, guinea pigs are gathering in the spring and fall. Tammy Rao calls these Pignics and they’re aimed at guinea pig owners who want to socialize. The original New England Pignic ran from 1996 to 2003 in Westfield, Massachusetts to accommodate those coming from as far away […]


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