Orange County Cavy Haven’s Adopted Guinea Pig Photo Contest

guinea pig with camera

Those of us who work in rescue are very familiar with the question, “There are guinea pig rescues?” This was the inspiration for our latest Orange County Cavy Haven campaign to highlight rescue and adoption. We’re having a lot of fun experimenting with social media to promote rescue and adoption so it only made sense […]

Get Your Guinea Pigs into the ASPCA’s Cutest Couples Contest

Piggy bunnies

Do you and your guinea pigs look adorable together? Maybe you have a matching hairstyle or you both share a love of carrots? Maybe two of your guinea pigs are yin and yang? Maybe they’re inseparable or they just got married? Whatever your reason for having pets that show up great on film, take those […]

Can Guinea Pigs Learn?

Brocolli takes Vitamin C

Back when I first got Buffy, our Texel guinea pig, she didn’t seem to know what’s good to eat. Eating hay seemed to come naturally to her, but other vegetables she just wasn’t sure what to make of. I would put pieces of carrots in front of her, and she just seemed confused. “What is […]

Guinea Pigs turn out for Ocean City’s Quiet Festival


Congratulations to all participants and winners of this year’s Ocean City Quiet Festival. More than 50 guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, and chinchillas quietly arrived for the event last Saturday morning at the Senior Center at the Ocean City Community Cultural Center. In addition to fun and prizes, the name Bella was discovered to be very […]

Guinea Pig Wins Taylor Wessing Photo Contest

A photograph of a young girl holding a guinea pig brought home this year’s Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize of £12,000 or about $19,200 US. Jooney Woodward, the winning photographer, said she took only three shots of 13 year old Harriet Power and her cavy, Gentleman Jack, using natural light from a skylight high above. […]

Guinea Pig Siblings to Vie in Quiet Festival Contest

Faline and Bella

Faline and Bella, Guinea Pig siblings from Northfield, will vie in the Ocean City Quiet Festival’s Lettuce Chomping Challenge on Sat., Nov. 12 starting 10:30 a.m. at the Community Center’s Senior Auditorium, 17th and Simpson Ave. The event is part of the Festival’s competition for quiet pets, those that never have had the opportunity to […]

Rescue benefits from PetSmart contest

count papua

Papua Piig was new to Facebook in September 2010 when PetSmart launched their sixth-annual “Scare Your Way into a PetSmart Commercial” Halloween contest. Being less than a year old, Papua hadn’t yet lived through a Halloween holiday, but since the contest began in September, we went through albums looking for something passable as a costume. […]


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