Guinea Pig Cage Tips and Techniques to Prevent Chewing

fabric edge with report spine

Over the years, I’ve had a number of pigs that have taken the occasional taste-test of coroplast. The old cage had plenty of small chew marks here and there. I suspect there is something about the texture of coroplast that numerous guinea pigs find irresistible. It’s also fairly easy to chew through (unlike metal bars or wooden houses), […]

Wild West themed wooden guinea pig houses and beach retreat

wild west theme guinea pig houses

Remember the wooden guinea pig houses and hay wagon in our earlier posts? We just found out that they are adding a new Wild West themed collection of cavy hideaways and wanted to share their pictures here. If westerns don't suit your taste, they al…

The Rats Stash for Guinea Pigs Too!


You might have heard of The Rat Stash and thought it was just for rat lovers but it’s actually one of best kept secrets of guinea pig lovers who adore Melissa Kress’ unique designs for spoiled small pets. Back in January of 2008, Melissa launched her homemade craft business with her pet rats in mind. […]

The Cozy Cavy Closed for the Holidays

Donation Beds

Marsha Weaver was living happily off her business of sewing soft goods for guinea pigs and other small pets in her Alabama family home. That all changed on April 27th this past year when a tornado struck, destroying their home, and leaving her and her family to flee for their lives. As the Weavers pick […]

Bring Home Canadian Comforts for Your Small Pets

Canadian Comforts

Canadian Comforts, creators of homemade pet bedding for small animals, was officially launched in May 2011. Being relatively new had its ups and downs. Most people had never heard of me, but at the same time were willing to give me a chance. In the beginning, I had no idea how to sew. Really it’s […]


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