Popcorn Prints: New Features, Continued Support for Rescues

Popcorn Prints Website

Popcorn Prints is excited to announce the launch of a brand new website and online shop offering a huge range of gifts, clothing and home accessories, all inspired by guinea pigs (and a few rabbits). Customers can now choose from a much larger range, with more gifts and smaller items like greetings cards, fridge magnets, […]

The Stories of Bertie the Guinea Pig: Keeping it Real!

Bertie's Christmas Carrot

Where do you begin when you start telling a story about guinea pigs? Cavies are so misunderstood, sometimes even labelled as ‘dull’ or ‘boring’! When I started writing, I really wanted to show people how amazing guinea pigs can be, granted they don’t actually talk in real-life, and perhaps some of the Bertie stories stretch […]

Tips for Growing Sprouts Indoors for Your Guinea Pigs

guinea pig eating sprouts indoor grass

We all know that guinea pigs need a certain amount of fresh vegetables daily for optimum nutrition. Clean, pesticide-free vegetables add variety and important nutrients to your cavy’s diet. If your cavies are fortunate enough that you are a gardener, you probably have already devoted a small section of your garden plot to growing fresh […]

Guinea Pig Illustrator, Caroline Whittle, is ‘Out of the Hutch’

flying carpet guinea pig peruvian

Professional Illustrator Caroline Whittle, is well known for her colourful, soft and vibrant work, reproduced as greeting cards, wallpaper, fabrics and much more, but her abiding passion has always been for guinea pigs. After graduating from the Berkshire College of Art and Design with an HND in graphic design, Caroline realised she preferred illustration to […]

Melissa J. Taylor Publishes Guinea Pigs’ Storybook Series

Melissa J. Taylor, guinea pig book author

With social media being such a prevalent source of information, it’s easy to miss something newsworthy or, in this case, a newsworthy person, if they don’t have a social media presence. So I decided to introduce Melissa J. Taylor to Guinea Pig Today readers. Admittedly “old-fashioned” and preferring to use websites, Melissa doesn’t have a […]

Bounties of Summer: Storage Ideas for Your Guinea Pigs’ Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

sliced peppers for guinea pigs

Since the Paw Crew grew so fast in 2004 and living in Missouri with so many farms near by, the bounties of summer were plenty. Lots of customers would leave yummies for the Paw Crew grown right in their gardens, and purchasing bags full of fresh foods for a few dollars was not hard. That […]

How to dry corn husks for guinea pigs

guinea pigs eating dried corn husks

Morry, Sharky and Coppy appreciate the results of their slaves hard workNow that summer is around the corner, corn has been popping up for sale at our local markets. While guinea pigs shouldn't have too much corn, the husks are another story. They …

Orange County Cavy Haven Benefits from “The Magic Zoo” Jewelry Sales

The Magic Zoo guinea pig jewelry

An animal fanatic with a love of jewelry is doing great things for the guinea pig community. Merry Rosenfield of Clearwater, Florida has been creating animal inspired jewelry for her company, The Magic Zoo, since 1989. Her designs in sterling silver, 14k gold, pewter and enamel are inspired by both wild and domestic animals. She […]

Wild West themed wooden guinea pig houses and beach retreat

wild west theme guinea pig houses

Remember the wooden guinea pig houses and hay wagon in our earlier posts? We just found out that they are adding a new Wild West themed collection of cavy hideaways and wanted to share their pictures here. If westerns don't suit your taste, they al…

Kids TV Creators Feature Guinea Pigs in “The Burrow Bunch”

Guinea pig painting eggs

As any parent with young kids will know the one conversation that constantly comes up morning, noon and night is ‘when can we get a pet?’ I have twin eight year old girls and after months of discussion, my friend Andrea showed me the most adorable two guinea pigs who were looking for a new […]


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