Saintfactory’s Guinea Pig YouTube Hits Inspired by School Children

To the Guineamobile

“I think Jesus would agree with me that guinea gigs and LEGOs are awesome,” says Fr. Andrew Trapp of St. Michael’s Catholic Church located in South Carolina. The Diocese of Charleston Priest is the creator of “To the Guineamobile!” and “To the Guineacycle!,” the popular YouTube videos published under the name saintfactory. Together they have […]

Wooden "Storybook" guinea pig house

"Where is my daily delivery of lettuce?" -PeachesWhee piggies love this charming cavy sized wood cottage made by OC Cavy Haven. It is called the "Storybook House", which is the perfect name for it as it really does look like somethi…

Custom built wooden guinea pig houses and hay wagon

Whee piggies were thrilled when presented with these custom built wooden guinea pig houses our humans bought from our favorite rescue, Orange County Cavy Haven! Fleece cozies and hideaways are ideal for staying snug in chilly weather, but these wooden…

London’s Death Festival Features Guinea Pig Puppet Show

Goodbye Mr Muffin

London festival, “Death: Southbank Centre’s Festival for the Living,” takes a lighter look at life and death with a display of fun and quirkly coffins, puppetshows, and workshops. The festival, which runs from Friday January, 27 to Saturday January, 28, includes “Goodbye Mr. Muffin,” a puppet show about a guinea pig’s death. Goodbye Mr Muffin […]

The Rats Stash for Guinea Pigs Too!


You might have heard of The Rat Stash and thought it was just for rat lovers but it’s actually one of best kept secrets of guinea pig lovers who adore Melissa Kress’ unique designs for spoiled small pets. Back in January of 2008, Melissa launched her homemade craft business with her pet rats in mind. […]

Oxbow Builds Hay-based Holiday Tree

Oxbow Tree Cover

Each year in November, those at the Oxbow central offices in Murdock, Nebraska, discuss ideas for the company Christmas card. This year they agreed to do something decidedly different which customers and friends would enjoy and associate with Oxbow. Lucas Stock, Oxbow’s Marketing Communications Specialist, tells us, “Our Chief Operating Officer, Deb Buhro, came up […]

Decorating Your Guinea Pig Cage


You take care to decorate your home with things you love, but what about your guinea pig’s home? Not surprisingly, guinea pigs love soft, comfortable accessories just as much as we do! Providing your guinea pig with nice bedding and accessories doesn’t mean you have to cut out functionality or affordability. Looking to spruce up […]

DIY guinea pig toy: shoebox and hay

Poof and Truffle sharing the hayTruffle: Poof is hogging the shoe box, durr! *grumble grumble grumblePoof: Don't call me a hog, you pig!Here's another easy toy you can make for your guinea pigs using a cardboard shoe box. As with anything else …

Challenges in Guinea Pig Cage Design

Veranda is a magazine about home design and interior decorating and while they might know a lot about style, we would like offer some assistance when it comes to guinea pigs. In a note posted on their Facebook page in January, Dara Caponigro, Editor in Chief of Veranda magazine revealed she had seven guinea pigs. […]

Guinea Pig Safe Interior Design

hiding wires2

You went out of your way to design a home in good taste but that was before someone was around to actually taste it! Don’t worry. Piggy proofing doesn’t need to be ugly. We’re here to help you. Dropping cables behind the wall or snaking them under carpet might seem like obvious solutions, but this […]


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