Couple Argue Over Feeding of Pet Guinea Pig

Couple Fighting

TranslationIs the proper care and feeding of your pets a debated topic in your household? For one couple in Clarksville, Tennessee, a discussion over the feeding of their guinea pig got one man charged with domestic violence. Emmanuel Igbokwe, 31, was released on $250 bond after allegedly pushing his girlfriend and causing her to almost […]


Vitakraft Bedding

TranslationBedding is made of 100 percent recycled paper for pet rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets and chinchillas BOWLING GREEN, Ohio – Holly Hoffman, Director of Marketing for Vitakraft Sunseed is pleased to introduce the new ECO-Bedding for small animals. The clean, absorbent and dust-free bedding is made of 100 percent recycled double-layer paper and […]

Dr. Karen Rosenthal wins 2012 Oxbow Exotic Mammal Health Award

Oxbow Award

Author John Miller

I’m happy to report that the Oxbow team returned safe and sound following last week’s AEMV/AAZV/ARAV veterinary conference in Oakland, California.  I enjoy every industry event I attend – from pet shows, to retailer shows, …

What the Proper Cage Size for Guinea Pigs?

Properly sized Guinea Pig cage with loft

TranslationOne of the questions we get asked most at Cavy Haven is, “What the proper cage size is for guinea pigs?” Many people are only aware of the habitats they have seen in pet stores and so part of our application process includes education on cages. We have found that people are very open to […]

The Oxbow Exotic Mammal Health Award

Oxbow Award

Author John Miller
In a couple of short weeks, I and members of the Oxbow team will be heading to Oakland, California for the annual AEMV/AAZV/ARAV Conference – an annual event which brings together some of the world’s foremost veterinary experts …

Donald Trump from Crazy Cavies

Donald Trump guinea pig

So far we’ve raised $450! We met our goal!Meet Donald Trumpfrom FL rescueCrazy CaviesThis guinea pig is named Donald Trump and he was abandoned at a shelter that does not house anything but dogs and cats. One of the workers took him and his buddy in an…

Things to Consider When Adopting an Older Guinea Pig

Alfredo guinea pig

TranslationOf the many considerations that go into choosing the right pet for a family, life span is certainly right near the top of the list. And, while guinea pigs have many wonderful qualities that make them a great choice for a family pet, their average 5-7 year life span gives some people reason to pause. […]

Lorenzo from Wee Companions

Lorenzo guinea pig

So far we have raised $559.33! WE RAISED THE FULL AMOUNT OF LORENZO’S SURGERY!And we have raised over $20,000 for guinea pigs since the site’s inception!Meet Lorenzofrom CA rescueWee Companions!Lorenzo has a guardian angel (D), who drove 200 …

Eros from Wee Companions

Eros guinea pig

A round of applause for our supporters! We met the goal by day FIVE! $430 raised so far!Meet Erosfrom CA rescueWee Companions!Eros came to Wee Companions through a long and assorted journey.Though we are not sure how old he is, he m…

Pigsitters and Traveling


TranslationQuestions about traveling with guinea pigs is a fairly common topic, especially in the summer. I have taken my guinea pigs with me for trips to the Cape, which is about a two hour drive. I stayed at a cottage where guinea pigs were welcome.  Over the years, however, I have realized that I enjoyed having them […]


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