Oxbow Harvest Stacks – How do they fit in to your guinea pig’s life?

Seven Oxbow Harvest Stacks

Guinea Pig Today was recently approached to review the Oxbow Harvest Stacks. We had been aware of them for quite some time, and have even used them occasionally ourselves. However, we hadn’t really considered them as being one of the cornerstones of the guinea pig’s diet (hay, pellets, vitamin C, and fresh veggies). So it […]

Things to Consider When Adopting an Older Guinea Pig

Alfredo guinea pig

Of the many considerations that go into choosing the right pet for a family, life span is certainly right near the top of the list. And, while guinea pigs have many wonderful qualities that make them a great choice for a family pet, their average 5-7 year life span gives some people reason to pause. […]

Tips for Growing Sprouts Indoors for Your Guinea Pigs

guinea pig eating sprouts indoor grass

We all know that guinea pigs need a certain amount of fresh vegetables daily for optimum nutrition. Clean, pesticide-free vegetables add variety and important nutrients to your cavy’s diet. If your cavies are fortunate enough that you are a gardener, you probably have already devoted a small section of your garden plot to growing fresh […]

How Does One Recognize Fresh Grass Hay?

Papua Piig Oxbow Timothy Hay

Question and answer from Oxbow Animal Health‘s Live Facebook chat with Dr. Micah Kohles, Oxbow’s Director of Veterinary Science and Outreach. When picking hay, what should I look for to know it’s fresh? Selecting a high quality premium hay for your little one is one of the most important things we as owners do. I […]

Jasmine – A Rescued Guinea Pig From Australian Cavy Sanctuary

jasmine guinea pig after rescue recovery

I fell in love with Jasmine the moment I saw her. She was half bald from mange, emaciated, stunted in growth and had two babies with her that she was struggling to feed. Jasmine was part of a mass surrender from a private rescuer in late 2011. She was saved from a snake breeder along […]

PMI Nutrition International Initiates Voluntary Recall of AquaMax™ Products; Expands Voluntary Recall of Mazuri® and LabDiet®Feed Products Due to Potential Elevated Vitamin D Level

recalled guinea pig food

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PMI Nutrition International is initiating a voluntary recall of certain varieties of the AquaMax™ feed products with specific lot codes listed below, due to the potential for elevated vitamin D levels. Although no customer complaints have been received to date, the products are being recalled due to analytical test results that […]

The Importance of Preventative Health Care for Exotic Pets

vet tech with guinea pig

Although most exotic pets do not need annual vaccinations, it is still very important to have them examined regularly by an experienced exotic veterinarian. Yearly preventative health exams provide your doctor an opportunity to evaluate weight, diet, teeth, and grooming needs. It is also a good idea to establish a relationship with an exotics veterinarian […]

Tips for Your Male Guinea Pig’s Routine Boar Cleanings

Hobbes, guinea pig boar cleaning

I adopted my first pair of boars, Ethan and Hobbes, from OC Cavy Haven several years ago. It’s fair to say that I love boars and I’m often surprised by the fact that people tend to want to adopt sows. We tend to keep boars in the rescue a lot longer than sows and, while […]

Daphne and Sienna, Therapy Guinea Pigs Supporting Hospice

The herd of female guinea pigs belonging to the Maggard family

Erin Maggard and her guinea pigs, Daphne and Sienna, have a very important job in Central Wyoming. Erin’s cavies are the only therapy animals other than dogs that work at this Hospice center as part of the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program.   While the guinea pigs were registered as therapy pets in January, Erin […]

Voluntary Recall of LabDiet® and Mazuri® Feed Products

LabDiet by Purina Mills, Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – PMI Nutrition International has initiated a voluntary recall of four varieties of the LabDiet® and Mazuri® feed products listed below, due to the potential for an elevated vitamin D level in these products. Elevated vitamin D levels can be harmful to animals if fed for extended periods. These products were manufactured […]


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