Wilkins Automotive Makes Way for Pet Adopt-A-Thon

Wilkins Automotive in Glen Bernie, Maryland, open its doors today to the annual Pet Adopt-A-Thon which featured local animal rescues and pet services such as groomers and pet sitters. Representatives from Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue were on hand to inform the public about guinea pig welfare and promote adoption. The indoor/outdoor event had plenty of […]

Odd Oliver: Interesting Behaviors of a Rescued Guinea Pig

oliver hiding

My guinea pig, Oliver, is a good boy but he is very weird sometimes. We call him Mr. Spaz. He is the hardest of my six to catch when it’s time for cage cleaning. He makes me wait until he decides where he wants me to put his pellets. Sometimes he wants them in his […]

Pig-A-Thon Success, An Achievement For All Guinea Pigs

prize winners

Early in November the members of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue were contacted by the Event Coordinator for the World of Pets Expo. For quite a few years now MGPR has had an educational booth at the event. This year they asked if we could also fill a rather large space that would be open on […]

Guinea Pig Rescue to Host Pet Expo Pig-A-Thon

King Apple Jack

You might expect to see dogs and cats at a pet event but at the 11th Annual World of Pets Expo in Timonium, Maryland, many small animals and exotics, including guinea pigs, will also be in attendance. Each year, there are animal advocates surprised to hear about homeless guinea pigs. Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue will […]

Awareness for animal abuse

rescue guinea pig

Krusty at the animal shelterKrusty today, recovered and waiting for his forever homeWhen they hear the words "animal abuse", most people think of cats and dogs. However, guinea pigs and other small animals suffer from abuse as well. Nonethele…

Please Don’t Abandon Your Guinea Pig Outdoors


My letter to the local newspaper: The animal rescue group I am affiliated with received an email asking us what to do with a guinea pig that was found at Franklin Park. A woman walking her dog noticed a hawk swooping low and she and her dog went over to investigate. On the ground was […]

I Can’t Choose Just One


I was recently asked “Which one of your pets is your favorite?” I found myself pausing for a moment as I have eight, yes 8 pets. I’ve owned Sarah 13, and Seth 12, the longest, but they’re dogs so while they are still pets and I love them very much, they are not Guinea Pigs. […]


MGPR Pignic

The Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue’s PIGSTRAVAGANZA! pignic just outside of Baltimore, MD last Sunday was a success despite the inclement weather. At one point, nearly 70 guests were to be found under the pavillion in Reisterstown Regional Park. The Boston Fall Pignic which was to be on the same day as the PIGSTRAVAGANZA! wasn’t so […]

Love Needed, Lumps Happen

Jelly Belly, Peep

It was a sunny day in April and Becky Wilson of Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue was spending the afternoon working in her garden. The phone rang but she decided to finish what she was doing before returning the call. When her cell phone rang immediately after, she was concerned and went for the phone. On […]

Rescue benefits from PetSmart contest

count papua

Papua Piig was new to Facebook in September 2010 when PetSmart launched their sixth-annual “Scare Your Way into a PetSmart Commercial” Halloween contest. Being less than a year old, Papua hadn’t yet lived through a Halloween holiday, but since the contest began in September, we went through albums looking for something passable as a costume. […]


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