Luxury Pet Resort at Disney Unimpressive for Guinea Pigs

guinea pig shelf

TranslationWhile recently visiting Florida, I decided to drop by the new luxury pet resort built last year. I imagined my guinea pigs spending their days with perfect manicures popcorning through fresh salads while I spent the day at the amusement park. It is Disney so add some magic sound effects and fairy dust to that […]

Global Pet Expo’s Guinea Pig Highlights

Oxbow Pellets

TranslationGlobal Pet Expo didn’t disappoint guinea pig enthusiasts. Products in development to be released in the next few months will shape the way we care for our beloved pets. These are Guinea Pig Today’s top three highlights of interest to guinea pig owners. Oxbow’s “Natural Science” Line of Products Watch for this striking red package […]

Purina Small Animals Food Launches in PetSmart Stores Nationwide


TranslationST. LOUIS, MO — Animal lovers can now take advantage of the history and research behind Purina® for their small animals with Purina® Garden Recipe® and Purina® Small Animals Treats launching in the more than 1,100 PetSmart® stores across the nation. “All pets, no matter how small, quickly become cherished family members,” said Gabriela Bonadonna, […]

Guinea Pig Food Pyramid

Guinea Pig Food Pyramid

Translation If you have a great idea for an article about guinea pigs, please let us know. Guinea Pig Today is a network of guinea pig lovers and we’re always looking for the next great story. View our submissions page for more information on how to submit your idea. Angela, Editor-in-Chief, GPTAngela founded Guinea Pig […]

Wooden "Storybook" guinea pig house

Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 2.27.53 AM

"Where is my daily delivery of lettuce?" -PeachesWhee piggies love this charming cavy sized wood cottage made by OC Cavy Haven. It is called the "Storybook House", which is the perfect name for it as it really does look like somethi…

Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Behavior

guinea pig farming

TranslationBizarre Foods, A popular series on the Travel Channel focuses on unusual regional cuisine from around the world which is usually shocking to viewers. One episode in particular has drawn the attention of animal lovers in the guinea pig community. Host Andrew Zimmern visited Ecuador where he sampled cuy, a meal prepared using a guinea […]

Blizzy from Orange County Cavy Haven

Blizzy from Orange County Cavy Haven

$396 raised so far! WE MET OUR GOAL AND RECEIVED THE MATCH DONATION!Total raised: $746!!Meet Blizzyfrom CA RescueOrange County Cavy Haven!Blizzy is a very sweet, four year old guinea pig with a heart condition, and a bladder stone caught in her urethra…

Wooden guinea pig hay wagon

Wooden guinea pig hay wagon

"Umm, is something missing here?"Whee guinea pigs have been thoroughly enjoying our new toys from OC Cavy Haven. First up is this sturdy wooden wagon made for holding hay.Read more »

What Not to Say To A Guinea Pig Lover

frustrated woman

TranslationAs a guinea pig advocate at pet conventions and conferences, I understand I’m in the minority. There is a tremendous amount of dog and cat organizations and businesses. When I get a chance to talk to a company that addresses guinea pigs, many sell to a variety of small pets and the guinea pig is […]

Global Pet Expo 2012 Set to Break Previous Records with More Exhibitors and Booths Than Ever

global pet expo

TranslationWorld’s largest annual pet products trade show set to take place Feb. 29 – March 2, 2012 in Orlando, FL, at the Orange County Convention Center (Greenwich, CT) – Andrew Darmohraj, senior vice president of the American Pet Products Association (APPA) proudly announced today that Global Pet Expo 2012, the world’s largest annual pet products […]


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