The Stories of Bertie the Guinea Pig: Keeping it Real!

Bertie's Christmas Carrot

Where do you begin when you start telling a story about guinea pigs? Cavies are so misunderstood, sometimes even labelled as ‘dull’ or ‘boring’! When I started writing, I really wanted to show people how amazing guinea pigs can be, granted they don’t actually talk in real-life, and perhaps some of the Bertie stories stretch […]

Did Justin Bieber Set a Bad Example for Small Pet Owners?

Justin Bieber Hamster PAC

“Belieb” it or not, Justin Bieber left his hamster behind in Atlanta, Georgia, in a move that has shocked fans who are also small pet owners. Justin handed PAC, his pet dwarf hamster, to a screaming fan last Wednesday night after Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball at Philips Arena. TMZ posted a poor quality video where […]

Guinea Pig Illustrator, Caroline Whittle, is ‘Out of the Hutch’

flying carpet guinea pig peruvian

Professional Illustrator Caroline Whittle, is well known for her colourful, soft and vibrant work, reproduced as greeting cards, wallpaper, fabrics and much more, but her abiding passion has always been for guinea pigs. After graduating from the Berkshire College of Art and Design with an HND in graphic design, Caroline realised she preferred illustration to […]

CraigsList “Free to Good Home” Target Practice Warning

craigslist warning target practice "free to a good home"

Have you seen this notice circulating Facebook or other social media websites? At first glance it seems official and certainly horrifying. Pets being picked up as “free to a good home” and then used as target practice? Say it ain’t so! While this world is big enough for all types and anything we can imagine, […]

The Biggest Loser’s Davina McCall Makes Decision Over Second Guinea Pig

Davina McCall guinea pig decision

Davina McCall, host of The Biggest Loser in the UK, has come under fire for announcing the purchase of a pet guinea pig to her Twitter followers. Some cavy enthusiasts claimed she was being “cruel” for making her new pet live a solitary life. The guinea pig, now named Harley, was for Davina’s youngest daughter, […]

Purina® Small Animals Awareness Month Celebrates Your Furry Friends

Purina Small Animals Awareness Month

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (June 4, 2012) — To honor the small animals that make a big impact in a life of a family, Purina Mills, LLC is celebrating the first Small Animals Awareness Month throughout June. Small animal owners are invited to honor their special family members by sharing their favorite stories and photos via […]

Orange County Cavy Haven’s Adopted Guinea Pig Photo Contest

guinea pig with camera

Those of us who work in rescue are very familiar with the question, “There are guinea pig rescues?” This was the inspiration for our latest Orange County Cavy Haven campaign to highlight rescue and adoption. We’re having a lot of fun experimenting with social media to promote rescue and adoption so it only made sense […]

Saintfactory’s Guinea Pig YouTube Hits Inspired by School Children

To the Guineamobile

“I think Jesus would agree with me that guinea gigs and LEGOs are awesome,” says Fr. Andrew Trapp of St. Michael’s Catholic Church located in South Carolina. The Diocese of Charleston Priest is the creator of “To the Guineamobile!” and “To the Guineacycle!,” the popular YouTube videos published under the name saintfactory. Together they have […]

The Pitfalls of Giving Guinea Pig Advice on Facebook

Celyn and Gethin

A friend of mine expressed concern over a post that popped up in his Facebook feed. It was a comment I had made that contained the word genitalia. He worried that the post could leave a bad impression on any potential employer that was researching me on Facebook. My comment wasn’t anything rude or pornographic. However, my comment and […]

Ganz’s Webkinz Announce Lilac Guinea Pig

lilac guinea pig

Ganzworld’s official Webkinz Newz (WKN) has revealed a sneak peek of the new toys arriving in May 2012. Among them is a much anticipated Lilac Guinea Pig. The Webkinz are plush toys sold in connection with an interactive virtual-reality internet site. Children are to encouraged to join the Webkinz community online with a secret code […]


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