Wooden "Storybook" guinea pig house

"Where is my daily delivery of lettuce?" -PeachesWhee piggies love this charming cavy sized wood cottage made by OC Cavy Haven. It is called the "Storybook House", which is the perfect name for it as it really does look like somethi…

Wooden guinea pig hay wagon

Wooden guinea pig hay wagon

"Umm, is something missing here?"Whee guinea pigs have been thoroughly enjoying our new toys from OC Cavy Haven. First up is this sturdy wooden wagon made for holding hay.Read more »

Guinea Pig Today to Host New Product Review Series

sock puppet

Guinea Pig Today will be launching a new series of pet product reviews later this month with a fun twist cavy enthusiasts are sure to enjoy. Editor in Chief, Angela Mitchell, explains, “While Guinea Pig Today has featured Papua Piig often in our photography, his line of comedy and antics has been maintained aside of […]

DIY guinea pig toy: shoebox and hay

Poof and Truffle sharing the hayTruffle: Poof is hogging the shoe box, durr! *grumble grumble grumblePoof: Don't call me a hog, you pig!Here's another easy toy you can make for your guinea pigs using a cardboard shoe box. As with anything else …

Adopting Flat Friends Supports Small Animal Rescues

Flat Friends

“Hello! I’m Flat Bonnie!” the adorable, cloth bunny says across many of her internet pages. Really, who can resist the cute face? Since March 2011, Yukari of Los Angeles, California, has been busy bringing to life Flat Bonnie and her friends. Yukari was inspired by a combination of small animal rescues and her own stuffed […]

Pet Pals Launch With Guinea Pigs


Will guinea pigs be the holiday craze this year? Vivid Arts, a supplier of garden and leisure products in the UK and Ireland, thinks so. HoritcultureWeek mentions on their website, “Boxed resin guinea pigs could become the Christmas gift craze. Wirral-based Vivid Arts aim to follow the recent fads of Meerkats and Zhu Zhu Pets […]

Breaking the Seasonal Blues

baking pine cone

It’s that time of year again. Vacations are over. The kids go back to school. You go back to work. And while it might seem like a shock all over again to get used to the routine after being away from it for a time, it might also feel this way to your guinea pigs. […]

Toys, Treats and Other Fun Things

Since so many commercially available toys and treats aren’t appropriate for guinea pigs, what are good options to enrich their lives?  Fortunately there are many things you can give your pigs that are (relatively) safe – and many are items you probably already have around the house.  Your pigs will love their new things and […]

What to Avoid Buying for your Cavy

Happy Nathan

As a guinea pig novice I spent money on treats and toys and things for my pigs I now know are either harmful, or not beneficial.  A lot of the information available is contradictory and is outdated or based on misconceptions about how to maintain good cavy health.  Fortunately none of my pigs were harmed […]

Custom Guinea Pig Toys Can Look Just Like Your Pet


Maybe your guinea pig is a perfect darling just the way she is but you wish she enjoyed cuddling just a bit more. Did you ever wish you had a plush replica of your guinea pig that you could hug to your heart’s content? Did you ever wish you had a toy that you could […]


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