Dr. Karen Rosenthal wins 2012 Oxbow Exotic Mammal Health Award

Oxbow Award

Author John Miller

I’m happy to report that the Oxbow team returned safe and sound following last week’s AEMV/AAZV/ARAV veterinary conference in Oakland, California.  I enjoy every industry event I attend – from pet shows, to retailer shows, …

The Importance of Preventative Health Care for Exotic Pets

vet tech with guinea pig

Although most exotic pets do not need annual vaccinations, it is still very important to have them examined regularly by an experienced exotic veterinarian. Yearly preventative health exams provide your doctor an opportunity to evaluate weight, diet, teeth, and grooming needs. It is also a good idea to establish a relationship with an exotics veterinarian […]

Oxbow’s June Exotic Companion Mammal Symposium

guinea pig with critical care

Oxbow Animal Health held its summer Exotic Companion Mammal Symposium last Sunday, June 24th at the Homestead Animal Hospital in Centennial, Colorado. Attendees received seven continuing education credits and sat in on lectures from Drs. Jerry Labonde DVM, DABVP/ECM and Micah Kohles DVM/MPA. The educational event, held a couple times each year, focuses on exotic […]

Surprises in Your Guinea Pigs’ Hay Unlikely but Possible

Isabel guinea pig

You might have seen an article on the Daily Mail or Guardian about a young girl in the UK who found a surprise in her guinea pigs’ hay. We can’t verify any more than the photos pictured on the site, however, unbelievable as it might sound, finding a surprise in your hay is possible. In […]

Radnor Veterinary Hospital in Wayne, PA Offers Tips on Caring for Exotic Pets

Leonard Donato with bunny rabbit

Radnor Veterinary Hospital is educating pet owners by providing tips and information as it relates to caring for exotic pets such as birds, reptiles and pocket pets like rabbits and guinea pigs. Veterinary clinics treating dogs and cats seem to dot the U.S. landscape; however, not every vet clinic has the expertise and experience to […]

Tips for Responsible Use and Disposal of Pet Medications

papua eating grass

The same products that save lives can be harmful if used the wrong way or disposed of incorrectly. Expired and mixed medications end up in the environment where it can cause serious damage. As an animal lover, there are steps you can take to address proper use and disposal of medical products to make the […]

Properly Preparing Your Guinea Pigs’ Fresh Food


Do you enjoy watching your guinea pigs eat fresh food? They stick their whole face in the bowl and make field greens disappear in no time. The soft sound of munching and crunching can be both humorous and soothing. Properly preparing and serving your guinea pigs food can avoid health problems. Their relationship with food […]

Putting A Price on The Love of Your Pet

greeting card

We love our pets dearly and invest countless hours forming an emotional bond as worthwhile as any other relationship. Can any monetary value replace the pain of losing a beloved pet? An interesting battle over the true value of a pet has been causing a stir in Texas and you might be surprised which side […]

Discovering Adoption

Christmas Pigs

I had guinea pigs when I was a child. I always loved how vocal and cute guinea pigs are. I bought my first pair as an adult from some large pet store chain. There was a pen filled with dozens of guinea pigs and I decided to take two home with me.  Pandora and Abercrombie turned […]

One special Vet Tech


October 9-15 is National Veterinary Technician Week according to the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America. It is a week set aside to recognize the contributions made by vet techs as well as veterinarians, assistants and practice managers. It also provides the public with a chance to learn what vet techs do on a […]


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