Guinea pig nutrition charts

guinea pig nutritional food chart

Have you ever wondered if a certain vegetable is good for your guinea pig, or how much Vitamin C it contains?If so, be sure to take a look at the nutrition charts on Guinea Lynx, which contain a comprehensive list of foods that you can include in your …

Bounties of Summer: Storage Ideas for Your Guinea Pigs’ Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

sliced peppers for guinea pigs

Since the Paw Crew grew so fast in 2004 and living in Missouri with so many farms near by, the bounties of summer were plenty. Lots of customers would leave yummies for the Paw Crew grown right in their gardens, and purchasing bags full of fresh foods for a few dollars was not hard. That […]

Red or green bell peppers for guinea pigs?

Truffle, guinea pig, with red bell pepper

Bell peppers are a great vegetable to include in your guinea pig's diet – they are high in Vitamin C and low in calcium, which makes them a good choice especially for pigs who are prone to bladder stones. When given a choice between red or green th…

Kaytee Recalls Forti-Diet Pro Health Mouse, Rat and Hamster Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Kaytee Hamster Food

Kaytee Pet Products is recalling a single manufacturing batch of Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Mouse, Rat and Hamster due to possible contamination with Salmonella. The product affected by this recall is identified below and has the following “Best Before” dates: Material # UPC Code Size Product Name/Description Best Before Code(day-month-year) 100502315 71859 00001 6/5 lb. […]

Purina Small Animals Food Launches in PetSmart Stores Nationwide


ST. LOUIS, MO — Animal lovers can now take advantage of the history and research behind Purina® for their small animals with Purina® Garden Recipe® and Purina® Small Animals Treats launching in the more than 1,100 PetSmart® stores across the nation. “All pets, no matter how small, quickly become cherished family members,” said Gabriela Bonadonna, […]

Properly Preparing Your Guinea Pigs’ Fresh Food


Do you enjoy watching your guinea pigs eat fresh food? They stick their whole face in the bowl and make field greens disappear in no time. The soft sound of munching and crunching can be both humorous and soothing. Properly preparing and serving your guinea pigs food can avoid health problems. Their relationship with food […]

Toys, Treats and Other Fun Things

Since so many commercially available toys and treats aren’t appropriate for guinea pigs, what are good options to enrich their lives?  Fortunately there are many things you can give your pigs that are (relatively) safe – and many are items you probably already have around the house.  Your pigs will love their new things and […]

Breaking The Junk Food Addiction

healthy eating

You’ve discovered that your guinea pig’s diet is less than desirable, but your cavy is rejecting anything new you put in front of them. What’s a frustrated guinea pig owner to do? Don’t worry. This is a common problem but you can overcome it with patience and persistence. The truth is, your guinea pig is […]

An Open Letter to Pet Store Owners…

I am the owner of two adorable guinea pigs and I am very frustrated. Today I entered your store with money in my pocket hoping to find a great gift to take home to surprise my two wonderful guinea pigs. Instead, I left empty handed. I wanted to share my experience with you in this […]

What to Avoid Buying for your Cavy

Happy Nathan

As a guinea pig novice I spent money on treats and toys and things for my pigs I now know are either harmful, or not beneficial.  A lot of the information available is contradictory and is outdated or based on misconceptions about how to maintain good cavy health.  Fortunately none of my pigs were harmed […]


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